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We decided to go take a look at it, but couldn't figure out how to get there.I summoned the bartender, who'd just introduced me to Long Island iced teas and was now one of my closest friends."How do I get over there to that building thing? ""That round-looking thing out on the golf course.""Oh," he said, "you mean the wedding rotunda."It took us about two minutes to make our way through the beautiful grounds, over the hilly golf course, and to the rotunda, which was now taking on shades of pink and gold from the darkening sky. "I like it."It seemed so ridiculous that, after so much thinking and worrying, we could have just accidentally wandered into the perfect spot.That evening, as we sat in the bar and watched the sun set over the ocean, we noticed an enormous structure in the middle of the golf course.It was probably 20 feet tall and open on all sides, with a round, glittering roof.My mother has enjoyed almost 50 years of wedded bliss as the result of two ceremonies that probably cost less than 0 combined. There's only been one big wedding in my family, and I still don't know what the hell everyone was thinking.My parents, who were both atheists, booked a Beverly Hills synagogue so a rabbi could marry my Italian sister to an Irishman. To be fair, choosing the venue is probably the hardest part of this whole exercise.I attribute their longevity in part to my stepfather's hearing loss.

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We were overjoyed, even though buying it would take every cent we had. We fell asleep talking about how cute the dogs would look playing in the pond and eating the koi. I stopped thinking about the wedding at all, to be honest.Finally, we pulled ourselves together and decided to get away for a few days.We learned about a beautiful Newport Beach hotel we'd never heard of, and just got in the car and drove.I know it's been almost impossible for my fiancé and me.

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For one thing, our families live on opposite coasts, so someone's going to have to travel. The only fair thing to do is get married in Lebanon, Kansas—the geographical center of the 48 states. But that's just one idea that isn't going to happen. For a while, I seriously considered getting married in Yankee Stadium, in a pinstriped wedding gown. I like to tell people that I met John in rehab, because it's less embarrassing than admitting we met on My Space.

Suddenly, small gray bunnies began to appear in the grass.