Updating realmlist

18-Oct-2017 14:41

Zygote Init.main(Zygote Init.java:1183) While I capture new photos I save the paths of previously captured photos in a Array List of type String.Before I set the list of paths to the Incident Card object I convert the list to a Realm List. The problem occurs after I try to save an existing object in Edit Card Activity: So, if I comment out m Incident Photos() everything seems to work fine, but when I try to set the photos to the Incident Card object the Illegal Argument Exception is triggered.I have done several things assuming we have 5 results objects after going back: 1) on Resume(){ ... Let say in my apps I have object with id from 1 - 3 in my Realm List.My Model standalone Model = From Realm(model); // The returned value is standalone object.My List my List = new My List(); // Standalone My Model model = realm.where(My Model.class)First(); My Model model = new My Model(); // This is a standalone object.

It gives us alot of flexibility to hold different lists at the same time and add new information to them without saving them to the database Also, we can not use realmresults as it removes objects from the database once we call remove/clear, and the only way to add objects to the list is by really saving them to the database, will the realmcollection supports adding/removing objects from it without forcing us to save/remove them from the database?

What i am doing now is to download all of the information from the server , store it in the db , than retrieving it from the database(via realmresults) and than converting the realmresult to realmlist. I have seen in the documentation that realmlist have a managed mode where they are updating the ui automatically.. And what is the right way(aka best practice) to use realmlists?

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