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Photos in the passports issued since 2007 are black and white, laser imprinted.

As a security feature, an additional holder's photo is specially imprinted to be seen only when looking to the light through the page of the passport.

marriage or a divorce), thus abolishing a century-long tradition from the times of the USSR.

The law of Ukraine on a unified state demographic register and identity documents, which envisages the introduction of electronic passports for Ukrainians, came into force on December 6, 2012.

By default, the first and last names in the international passport are transliterated from Ukrainian to English according to the National transliteration system (1996).

However, any person has an option to request the desired English spelling of his first and last name, if he holds any document already having that spelling.

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Passports typically contain a message from the minister or official in charge of passport issuance addressed to the officials of foreign states, requesting that the citizen bearing the passport be allowed free passage through the state, and if in need be provided assistance consistent with international norms.Prior to that age, Ukrainian citizens could get a Travel Document of a Child (PR type) similar in appearance to the passport valid for 3 years, and has only 8 pages.In some rare case Ukrainian citizens were allowed to have International Passport before the age of 18 or 16, but it also is valid for only 3 years.The information was written in Ukrainian, French and German.

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A) Includes Crown dependencies, British Overseas Territories, and former British plantations, crown colonies, colonies, protectorates, protected states, mandates, trust territories and other British possessions.

The internal passport soft booklet (issued in and before 2016) / credit-card-sized Ukrainian identity card (issued starting in 2016) is the primary identification document of Ukrainian citizens used within Ukraine.