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The parents at this preschool were mostly lower middle class.I worked six hours a day, and when my son was out of school for holidays, I was able to bring him with me to work.I worked hard at my job and felt awe, at times fear, at the amount of influence I had over the children’s lives, their day-to-day emotional and mental health.This preschool was typical of the preschools I taught at over the next 15 years, bad and good.Youtube Video Like many mind-bending but unexpectedly versatile devices, it would be inevitably doomed to failure if anyone tried to market it commercially as-is. My first job as a preschool teacher was at a local drop-in day care where I live in San Diego, California, that also ran a small preschool class.

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Discovered among statues, pots and other relics in an ancient shipwreck, this thing dates back to roughly 150-100BC.My time as a preschool teacher has taught me this: Parents cannot rely on preschools themselves, or the state and local laws that regulate the schools, to ensure their children are being treated well.