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05-Feb-2018 20:43

This week on Helping Joe, everyone is frustrated with Joe’s continued list making and inaction.Joe went on a few interviews but his lack of effort is still woefully inadequate, and Tucker has finally had enough. In this episode of Helping Joe, Tucker and Nils help Joe get less dumb and talk about job interviews he did last week.This is for all the ladies out there with the parts to say it ............................. Here goes YOU CAN LICK ME NOW Heres the whole version of it: Here's to the women we've met, and to the women we've f* u *c * k* e* d, And to those amongst us who've had no such luck. Here's to pokin' her in the a* s* s*, so she wont get knocked up. He used the Target part of Charlie's Land A Job You Love course to do this. This week on Helping Joe, Nils and Charlie talk about Joe's latest speed dating adventure and Charlie hilariously reads Joe's very bro journal entry from that night.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

But before they can go into their critiques and advice on how to interview better, they first wipe out his ideas about sales (which... 41 is Part 2) digging into Joe’s emotional issues and work habits.

In this part, they show him why making 1,000 pages of lists is a way to avoid action and how he can end his unproductive...

Tucker is back on the podcast this week, and he is angry.

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He, Charlie, and Nils dig into Joe's emotional issues and work habits.

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