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15-Feb-2018 09:21

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This week, trans individuals, their loved ones and members of their community showed up at the Texas state capitol to lobby and voice their opposition to Senate Bill 6, also known as the bathroom bill.I tried my best to watch a livestream of the bill’s hearing, which took place before the Senate State Affairs Committee, as I got ready for work and had it playing in the background throughout my workday Tuesday.And now our trans community, especially our trans youths, are going to pay the price. Dan Patrick said at a recent press conference about SB6, “this is not an LGBT issue, it’s not a transgender issue, it’s about preventing a free pass to sexual predators who are not transgender.” How can anyone say SB6 is not a transgender issue and argue that it’s really about fake trans predators — and then not hear the dissonance that statement?So here I am, an actual living breathing transgender woman, trying to exist and survive without giving a second thought to where I’m going to pee next, but now, I am at risk of losing the most basic of liberties simply because a group of legislators and anti-trans supporters don’t understand, fear and even hate trans people, or “transgenders” as many of the state senators and SB6 proponents wrongfully said throughout the hearing in reference to us.(Seriously, do we really want people making public policy who don’t know the different between a noun and an adjective?) Transgender people already experience so much violence; in fact, we saw an all-time high in reported killings of trans people in the United States in 2015, and the numbers continued to rise in 2016, which saw at least 26 trans deaths.At 18, Botha started government issued hormone replacement therapy.She also applied for gender affirming surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital.

More than one of the senators who strongly support SB6 openly admitted during the hearing that this bill was not drafted in direct response to an epidemic of men pretending to be trans to enter bathrooms, nor has the bill been drafted because trans people have suddenly gone rampant, attacking women and children in gendered spaces.Make-up artist Robyn Botha from Cape Town has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise R200,000 so that she’ll be able to feel like she’s physically “complete”.At birth, Botha was named Dewald and assigned “male” as her gender.It always seemed that the person I was seeing was someone else.” Her battle with her identity would follow her into high school, where she was bullied for being “too” feminine.

“It started with name calling and then progressed to me being physically assaulted by my male classmates on a daily basis,” reveals Botha.This is obviously because, to date, there haven’t been any verified reports of a transgender person attacking anyone in a public bathroom. Herman, who conducted a study on trans people and their access to public bathrooms for the UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute, of the trans people surveyed for the study, “about 70 percent of the sample reported experiencing being denied access to restrooms, being harassed while using restrooms and even experiencing some forms of physical assault.” In other words, trans people are the ones at greater risk in public bathrooms.

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