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On Sunday, numerous church services honoring the victims were planned both on the post and in neighboring Killeen.

Military criminal investigators continue to refer to Hasan as the only suspect in the shootings but won't say when charges would be filed.

I posted a article why I do not believe the Beast will emerge from Islam or why the Beast will be Muslim.

There are thirteen Assyrian references in the Bible but most of them do not refer to the end times and the ones that might, do not have to be associated with the Antichrist.The retired Army first sergeant and Gulf War veteran said he reminded Hasan that these soldiers had volunteered to fight, and that Muslims were fighting each other in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories."I'd give him my response. Amy Krueger, 29; Private Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19; Michael Grant Cahill, 62; Private Kham Xiong, 23; Staff Sgt. The chaplains paid a visit to the imam to extend an invitation to the memorial service being held on Tuesday, for victims of a mass shooting Hasan was promoted from captain to major in 2008, the same year he graduated from the master's program.Bernard Rostker, a military personnel expert at the Rand Corp., said a shortage of officers and psychiatrists meant Hasan's advancement was all but certain absent a serious blemish on his record, such as a DUI or a drug charge.Retired Colonel Tery Lee, who worked with Hasan, said: ‘He was making outlandish comments condemning our foreign policy and claimed Muslims had the right to rise up and attack Americans.’ Many Muslims are serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan and several have died on the battlefield.

Among them was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan who received a posthumous Purple Heart after being shot down in Iraq in August The American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, based in Washington, DC said of the attack: ‘Islam holds the human soul in high esteem, and considers the attack against innocent human beings a grave sin.I am not saying that he will be Assyrian, I do not know his decent but it is also not out of the question that he will be raised in the area of Assyria.

It’s reassurring to know that all those you will meet through our service will have been personally interviewed, ID checked and thoroughly vetted.… continue reading »

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