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Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Prague, Australia or Israel. The only time a normal betch would leave Madison is for an Indiana or Michigan football game.Cancun, Acapulco, Puerta Vallarta.• Drink pitchers and sit in colorful chairs at the terrace• Not eat for a week and then have mac and cheese pizza• Have sex in the memorial library stacks Wisconsin is notable for it’s huge ass range of really good food so you better be able to shed those winter pounds faster than you can walk to the Capitol or consider going elsewhere.You’ll also use your insane overload of American Apparel sorority tanks as shit to wear to The Serf whilst admiring the hot athletes that you probably won’t fuck since they’re not circumcised.Sconnies: Thought to be just Wisconsin people but really this is code for any Christian from the Midwest/Wisconsin (Watch out for Sconnies from Beloit, Eau Claire, and Green Bay).Again, there are mad sconnies there but it’s like the best bar in madison and if you’re looking to chill with someone who will likely be a professional athlete in 2-5 years, this is the spot.• Thursday: Jonny O's - that’s it.• Friday: We suggest you refer to it as Mad Ave, and if you don't know that it should be/was called Mad Ave you are 12 years old and/or living under a rock• Saturday: Ah, the one night with an option. If you're like really drunk after going out you'll go to ABar at someones apartment where you'll get even sweatier, drunker, and much much higher.• Statesider/Towers as a freshman, even though only Statesider still exists.It’s important to live in 613, 619, 614 or 625 (all in the infamous Landgon street where essentially all the sorority/frat houses are)• Lucky is pretty much the hotel of Madison where you can party on the roof.• 613 where you can have backyard ragers.• A sorority house if you’re Christian or poor.Any betch can tell you that the opening of Campus Candy was more life changing than getting into grad school and has absolutely zero shame when it comes to following them on Facebook to find out the daily flavors. Best wrap/salad place and all your necessities right in one store.

Others were hit by rubble and other items during the disaster.…Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced that a bill will be introduced to limit the jurisdiction of Sharia Law in Thrace, home of a strong Muslim minority in North-Eastern of the country.Greece is the last European country to recognize the validity of the Islamic Sharia law which settles mostly …Greece’s top court, the Council of state ruled on Wednesday that the tax service does not have the right to take into consideration transactions and deposits of bank accounts in Greece that are older than five years from the time of its audit.We’re here to give you the information you’ll really need to know when choosing where to spend the next four years, or merely reflect on the good times.

We start off Betches Love This College with The University of Wisconsin – Madison, a school which is known for it’s achievements in partying, sports, and cheese.Saturday football pregames are the most ridiculous from kegs, backyard parties with ice luges and other stuff.

And since you don't matter, don't think of giving an opinion about me.") Although they usually come across as powerful, narcissistic, and callous.… continue reading »

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