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In addition to completing specialized training as a mediator, I also utilize NVC to bring skillful communication techniques into my practice, have Level II EMDR training for trauma, and have experience in assisting people in difficult relationships, addiction, and life transition.I believe each person is unique, has their own set of strengths, needs and values; I believe therapy is a collaborative effort between client and therapist.""I have been practicing in the Nashville area for over 15 years.Inspired literally under the grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, Chris Byers, GSCC's founder was determined to create a counseling practice not confined only to the four walls of a typical counseling office.With Mount Rainier as his muse, Chris's therapeutic style is analogous to that of a relational Sherpa.I offer a non-12 approach to recovery based on the SMART Recovery program. Positive life changes are related to positive changes in behaviors and thought content/processes.""I have practiced psychotherapy for mental health and substance abuse for the past 15 years.

Today, I feel honored to support others on their journey toward healing.""There are times when life is painful and seemingly without answers, yet what seems most broken in us can be a channel for tremendous growth, even a source of strength we never knew was possible.We work with you to strengthen your sense of self, build healthy relationships, and heal from past wounds.""The ability to meet people right where they are is such a powerful and sacred space.I embrace any opportunity to be allowed into that space during some of the most difficult times in life.I incorporate EMDR, DBT, Brainspotting, breathwork, creative exercises, mindfulness, and other methods to assist clients with decreasing anxiety, managing stress, maintaining a recovery lifestyle, and being able to move through painful emotions and situations.

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I interweave these methods with practical skills training to empower clients to cope with the stress of daily life.""I offer a non-judgemental space to share your story as well as work together to create a life of purpose & wholeness.

Whether you are dealing with codependency, addictions to substances or behaviors, or stress after stress that just becomes overwhelming, counseling can help.""A strong therapeutic relationship can provide the context for transformative healing and growth.

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