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Avoid this friction by discussing what works best for both of you, even if that means the more open person lists a status and is understanding if the more private partner doesn't. IF YOU DON' T WANT TO HEAR FROM A NOSY OR AGGRESSIVE EXWant to nix any opportunity for your ex to get back in touch, troll around your profile or hunt for more infomation about your new relationship?Then consider keeping your status set at a lower volume.Here's when she says it's best to keep your relationship status quiet. IF YOU GET A LOT OF UNWANTED POKES, WINKS AND INVITATIONSSome people see a "single" status on Facebook as an invitation to be in contact, overtly flirt or even harass someone.

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Sometimes, we should keep the rooftop-shouting only within range of our closest friends -- at least for a little while -- before we broadcast it online.“Now that we’ve been back together for a while, it's unhidden again.” April, of New Jersey, understands Carlee's quietness, which is why her Facebook status always indicates she is in a relationship even though she is currently single.“I also want to avoid people asking questions like ‘what happened’ or just knowing information I may still be sensitive to,” April says, adding that she also keeps that status for safety purposes.“I don't want unnecessary people sending me inappropriate messages or text messages.” Relationship expert and dating consultant Stacie Ikka says displaying your true relationship status on Facebook isn't necessarily a bad idea, but there are instances when it's smart to hold off on announcing who you are dating or if you are involved with someone at all to your online circles.IF YOU WANT TO EASE SOME OF THE PRESSURE“If the couple has not discussed how or whether they are going to ‘announce’ their union on Facebook, and one party goes ahead and changes their status, it might make the other party feel uncomfortable or put unnecessary pressure on that person,” Ikka says.

“Even if it was a joint decision, it exposes the relationship to scrutiny, observations, and involvement that is not necessarily appropriate during the early phases of a relationship, where the focus should really be on whether attraction, compatibility, common values, and shared interests will survive the long-term.” RELATED 4 Things Men Worry About4.

IF YOU' RE FED UP WITH JUDGMENT ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFEFacebook is not your diary or a private conversation with your best friend.