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09-Jan-2018 08:04

However, we recently consolidated my husband’s loans, and the payments dropped by half, and the rate on his loans is right around 5% fixed.It’s also worth noting that your student loan interest payments might be tax-deductible. However, your student loan interest payments are tax-deductible whether you consolidate or not.That means that you have various loans, and all of them have a 10-year repayment schedule. I got a lower rate and a lower payment, since my total repayment term had been extended to 25 years.My monthly payments, all added together, ended up being right around 0 a month. Consolidation has worked well for me, and it can work well for many students, as long as you understand the risks.It takes money to go to college unless you are super smart and you are willing to go to a school beneath your goal. YOU just need to make sure you can live with your decision to borrow this much.I graduated with a debt of 22,000 and this was for my undergrad AND my graduate degree. I worked my rear off, working two jobs and going for YEARS without ever having a day off. Borrowing via private student loans has become something of a "norm" recently that scares the crap out of me and I think it should be federally regulated. The sharks of private lenders have no such regulations... THIS will be your life if you continue down this path.18K times four years = 76K total equals payments of around 800 dollars a month for the next 10 to 30 years.Pro hinc aperiri fabulas ut, probo tractatos euripidis an vis, ignota oblique. I got to know that the average debt of a college graduate is about ,000. _MY_ student loans - and that's from this year alone!

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My monthly payment went from almost 0 a month to 2 a month.

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