Obsessive dating

06-Jan-2018 20:17

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(Plus, it’ll save battery.) And two, you should find a way to get involved.

Just like any other (non-harmful) hobby your partner takes up, it’s important to celebrate his interest.

Think of it as photography if that’s more appealing than social media, because at the very least you’ll end up with great photos.

He’ll be psyched to get to do this with you, and then you can keep hiking for a while, until you see the next landmark.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when he managed to get more than 30 likes on an landscape photo he posted and mysteriously caught the Instagram bug.

My boyfriend was a pretty lukewarm social media participant when we met, which is part of what I liked about him—he’d never ignore me for his phone, and it always felt like we were so present when we hiked together.

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Now he’s constantly stopping along the trail and asking me to shoot him scrambling around on cliffsides in order to get the perfect inspirational photo. He seems like a different, more self-absorbed version of himself; he spends half an hour crafting the perfect caption, complete with a dozen hashtags.Maybe you’re moving toward a new level of commitment, and she needs to think it over. Of course, there’s also the chance that something worse is going on.Whatever the reason, it’ll be hard for her to say it—so if you want that honesty, you need to approach the conversation gently. If she’s distancing herself because your relationship isn’t working out, it’s better to hear it sooner rather than later. A weekend with friends will be the perfect first step to getting back on your feet.He could even put his phone on airplane mode while you’re out together.

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That way he can still take snapshots, but has to save them for later; he’s not communicating with anyone but you.

If all else fails, there are seven more techniques to try and curb that Instagram habit.