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In a German class, she met a sixteen-year-old Bosnian Muslim girl who had been sold by her family into servitude as the fourth wife of a much older man.The relationship had become abusive, and Powell and her new friend made plans for her to escape, but before they could put the plan in motion, the girl disappeared.And indeed, several gentlemen’s clubs (a euphemism for private clubs where men can drink, obtain lap dances, and meet sex workers) are openly advertised right next to the restaurant listings in Where magazine, one of the free publications on display in my Marriott Hotel room.“[Going to an escort] is so prevalent among the upper level of government that if they really prosecuted it, it would collapse the government,” Maddy says, giggling.“My client list alone would be enough to put the country on hold for a few days.”The woman sitting at the table next to us is staring at her; it’s likely that she has overheard parts of our conversation. “I’m going to have to talk more quietly,” she says.A passerby would never know that on the fourth floor of a narrow building on Connecticut Avenue hides the office of FAIR Girls, the nonprofit organization that serves sexually exploited girls and young women.There are no signs outside or in the lobby announcing the organization’s presence.Even though she has been working as an escort (on and off) for nine years, Maddy has never come close to being arrested. “I won’t compromise my safety.”As a stylishly dressed white woman catering to upper-class clients whom she has carefully screened, Maddy does in fact face little risk of being arrested. police routinely arrest streetwalkers and raid massage parlors in poor and mixed-income neighborhoods, they tend to leave high-end independent escorts like Maddy alone.

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“They love their wives, but they have physical needs.”After her business engagement, Maddy plans to have a late dinner and a “foursome with two men and another woman,” all three of whom she is friendly with. They know what she does for a living and are not at all bothered by it, she adds. I just leave it there until after the appointment is over,” she says.Three young African American women are sitting around a conference table; they look up and smile at me brightly.