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Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 7,000 | Tags: machine sybian neighbour voyeur reluctance cheating ffm | 8 Comments She doesn't know her new sex toy is connected to mine When the green light turned on, I felt a mix of emotions.

I was eager, nervous, excited, and worried all at the same time. With butterflies in my stomach, and my erection throbbing in my hand, I picked up the sex toy. Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 1,795 | Tags: sex toys vibrator buttplug oral sex straight sex love making anniversary | 11 Comments The journey to using dildos anally Lucy had always wondered about having anal sex. When she first started thinking about it, the internet wasn’t like it is now.

"I've never seen a quieter secretarial pool in any of the offices I've surveyed this year. Special desks, special chairs, that sort of thing." "Well, Mr. Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,309 | Tags: office secret solo | 3 Comments A man and a woman meet to explore and enjoy role-reversal.

I was in my early thirties when I had my first prostate exam.

Its green light winked at me, and I slipped my cock inside. Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 7,535 | Tags: masturbation oral voyeur sex toys vibrators humor lingerie | 12 Comments Let the fun and games begin! One year of Lily being a part of Chris and Chris being a part of Lily. Apart from asking others who had had anal sex there was not much she could do to find out.

The toy was a simple black plastic cylinder, shaped like a large flashlight.... Her shoulders slumped and she looked down towards the sink, shaking her head. Lily lay there, under the watchful gaze of Chris, who smiled at her lovingly. Tonight they were marking one year as an exclusive couple. The first thing she knew was that she had to see if her fingers would feel good inside her.

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My friends and I had joked about prostate exams, as you do, and I was expecting the worst. Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 3,203 | Tags: pegging craigslist fucking tattoos strapon amazon restraints | 10 Comments Unwinding after a stressful day.He set his i Pad on the floor at an angle with the stand. My red-haired fuck-bunny had insisted on two days off between our sessions.Taking off his clothes he put a towel down on the floor. I had her phone number now, but she had turned me down firmly when I called to beg for a mid-day hook-up, saying she had a lot of work to do.Wendy found getting work difficult after leaving high school with an...

Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 4.5 | Words: 3,831 | Tags: first time toys reluctance tied awakening solo | 1 Comment A man finds out the secret to a company's staff motivation "I don't know how you find them, Thomas," my visitor commented. "It's all in providing a proper work environment conducive to productivity.

A gently striped cat sat on one of the kitchen chairs watching her as she picked up a plate from the floor and rinsed it under the tap.