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10-Nov-2017 04:54

If they sit their sons down and explain the situation to them, then as they get older they will understand. Lloyd and Kristy cheated on Lloyd’s very pregnant wife Marcie. Lloyd left his first wife while she was pregnant- it isn’t like they had been seperated for ages. This is not just about Lloyd – it’s about Kristy too. I know this, I lived there for a few miserable years. Perfect sentence for someone trying to prove her point that Canadians say bad things about Americans. At some point, 5 years later, we just have to accept that everyone knows it was wrong and move on.

Maybe not NOW cuz lets face it…kids want everything their way. Lloyd moved out of their house leaving her and his two baby boys, for his newly pregnant girlfriend. Their son was born in 2005 and then Kristy got pregnant less than 9 months later. What I mean is, I dont believe in marriage because I am not religious. She knew he was married, knew he had a small boy and another on the way. Seriously, I do not understand how they can do what they did and feel ‘ok’ about their lives. Once again, you are sticking with that piece of paper/marriage. They didnt just have sex while he was very much in love with his wife. But it was their decision to act on it rather than let it slip thru their fingers and as you can see, it worked out for the best. We didnt need paper or someone to witness our “vows” so they can brag that we failed if our relationship ends. If you don’t believe me goggle “Canadians opinions of Americans”. Born and bred and I have never disliked anyone for being from any country, any faith, any lifestyle, anything different then I am. They are the ones who have to live with their actions.

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I am sure the boys would rather 2 happy parents then unhappy ones. Does it mean pay for their clothing, their living expenses, talk on the phone to say good night?

Thats not a healthy environment to bring kids up in. It can even mutate their beliefs to what relationships should be…suffer even if you arent happy. Lloyd’s ‘mother’ (mis)quoted a Bible saying, but did she think to quote one of the Ten Commandments. Jo- I thought the same thing- where are his half brothers? Sometimes you can work it out and sometimes you cant. Ours generaly doesn’t (myself excluded in this case), but in Canada insulting America/Americans is a way of life. they could have handled it so much differently, But they have both publicly apologized for it.Glenn (Dean Cain) is a widower who lost his lovely wife in a car accident about a year ago.

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