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The group was made up of MC V (aka Gucci Man) and TFS (aka 240 Shorty), along with Disco Rick, who was their DJ early on.Their first song, "Gucci Bass", was inspired by LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells", and much like Gigolo Tony's 1986 hit, utilized the Smurf's theme song as the hook.pretty incredible how that all worked out, almost cosmic, the sequence of events that had to occur for me to be friends with Brian. Trying to get young people to express themselves is good training for a producer in general. Carey: On “Those Memories,” there is a bell tree sound that is the same sound they use on Antiques Roadshow. When you’re fourteen and fifteen and your friends are over and you’re like listen to this—it gives you some kind of power. Pirani: Not long after my dad died (2003), I heard Terry Callier LP, which I knew because “Ordinary Joe” was a big Northern Soul spin.At the time, Cody Ranaldo and I had this huge shared space in Sunset Park, for pretty cheap. Pirani: It’s funny that Lee Renaldo is old enough to have a son who’s co-producing my album. My copy of the 45 “Music for My Mother,” the instrumental side, sometimes it would lock in on the guitar part and loop so it sounded like a repeated broken string. Carey: My dad pushed me to have different experiences. My roommate at the time (Chris Carnahan, owner of Northern Lights record store) comes out into the living room, do you know who Lenny Pirani is?“I know that Gucci is gonna guide me in the right direction with the music, and so getting his guidance was important in making this decision over other offers I had on the table.” Gucci announced the collaboration, titled , via his social media accounts on Thursday (June 8). Zone 6 unveiled the cover art for the project, which will be released on July 7. The Gucci Crew II was a Miami Bass group popular between 19.The track was produced by Amos Larkins II in late 1986… All ground, next-day and two-day deliveries are shipped via Fed Ex.*Additional shipping information is available during the checkout process.*Exceptions may apply for selected Home products.

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I got to be friends with Brian since we both have French wives. Carey: I worked at the Harlem Childrens’s Zone, managing an afterschool arts program. Whether you hear it on the album or not, I can pat myself on the back for not using a plug-in and for hitting the stupid buttons on the stupid machine and using technology long outdated. My dad gave me his record collection when I was 13 years old. There was a skip on the record, on “Swing Down Sweet Chariot.” It almost made “Let Me Ride” right then. This record is the result of having these things around for that long. Carey: My mom did creative drama and ran a community theater when we lived in South Dakota. People that have a shared background support each other because they have gone through the same process of discovery.

Carey: Each of our weddings were great collectives of people, many of which overlap.

That sense of community is really central to what I want from music. My grandfather directed the choir in Watertown, South Dakota. We used to play straight up super melodic ‘60s soul, which is really our shared background.

album with Metro Boomin, Gucci has announced a brand new project with Ralo, the first artist signed to Guwop’s 1017 Eskimo Records imprint.

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“I’ve been looking for this role model because I’ve always had my own operation,” Ralo said of Gucci in February.

That’s the feeling behind the “N-e-e-d Love” video as well. This sort of dancing in the aisles and speaking in tongues kind of thing, which was terrifying. My great grandfather was a traveling music teacher, a band leader in World War I. With the Benjamin material, one track would be straight up Philly, another track would be hardcore Detroit. It’s the result of the skip on the Parliament record.