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Even international non-governmental organisations have felt the wrath of the government for their reporting of events during the Andijan massacre (see below ) with a court suspending for six months in 2006 the activities of Freedom House for violating laws on non-governmental organizations for ‘providing free Internet access to Uzbeks and hosting unregistered organizations, including human-rights defenders and political parties.’ Torture and abuses appear widespread, and the government deals particularly severely with those it suspects linked with the banned Party of Islamic Liberation (Hizb ut-Tahrir).It is in this context of control and oppression that minorities are also tightly controlled, with the state-directed Assembly of Peoples of Uzbekistan created at least partially for this purpose.Other tribes arriving in the 15th and 16th centuries were to coalesce into what would become known as ‘Uzbeks’, forming for a while their own state (‘Uzbekistan’) which would break up into three parts and eventually be absorbed into the Russian empire during the mid to late 19th Century when the Emirate of Bukhara and the Khanate of Khiva became Russian protectorates in the period after the Tsar’s conquest of Tashkent in 1865.Few Russians settled in Uzbekistan during the Tsarist period, but many of the millions of Russians and Ukrainians who settled throughout Central Asia under the Soviet regime ended up in this country.

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Uzbekistan is made up of a number of traditional populations of Turkic (Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks), Semitic (Bukhara Jews), and Iranian origins (Tajiks), as well as more recent minorities which arrived in the country during the Russian and Soviet domination (Russians, Crimean Tatars, Meskhetian Turks, Koreans and some Jews).

Russian-speaking minorities supported Karimov, seeing him as capable of restraining the nationalist opposition.