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24-Dec-2017 02:33

and I am not talking about the American television show aimed at a largely aging female demographic.Instead, I am talking about having sex in whilst in the city.One pint too many can have your hands moving over more than just the curves of your glass, and you’d probably end up with your arms round the shoulder of an attractive friend.[Read: Drunk girls always end up kissing other guys] And well, a roving hand just can’t stop over a warm shoulder, can it?I used to go out with a guy who I thought was great.

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There’s nothing wrong in hooking up with someone just because you are physically attracted to someone.

You find yourself standing on a pack train during rush hour. You’re eyes wonder aimlessly around the carriage, first on posters and adverts, then on a newspaper on the side that you are trying to read upside down.

Suddenly your eyes are caught by these pair of magnificent eyes.

And most people, who are afraid of commitment, and even more scared of the typical one night stand, find this whole arrangement of fuck buddies a bit more secure and comforting.

[Read: 20 sexy things about a girl that turns guys on] Is there a dark side of fuck buddies?To ensure you have a good experience with your fuck buddy, talk with them and make sure it's clear what both of you want from this relationship, and do what you can to keep them from catching the feels, such as keeping an eye out for the five signs above that tell you your fuck buddy wants something more.