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18-Oct-2017 14:31

[email protected] guides the leadership team in its mission to partner with distributors in supplying top-quality label products to supermarkets, food processors, and a host of non-food manufacturers.

He and his team are respected leaders in the industry and have proven to be reliable manufacturers who deliver products in a timely fashion to ensure the success of their customers.

When not at his office, Mark and his wife enjoy spending time with their four grown children who all live within a 3-hour radius of "home." [email protected] spearheads three major areas at Bollin Label Systems: accounting, information technology, and human resources.

In 1976 he became Professor of Classics, a post he held for thirty-one years until his retirement in 2007.

He was three times Associate Chairman of Classics (1979–83, 1986–89, 1995–96).

In addition to order processing and warehouse management, Chris oversees the Customer Resource Group.

As a business owner her work never ends, but Chris manages to escape to the beach in Treasure Island, Florida a few times a year to rejuvenate.Many of his articles have challenged traditionally held chronologies and explored the implications of fresh dating.