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07-Aug-2017 17:28

For one, Dashlane notes, there’s a lot of password sharing going on in the United States, which may seem innocuous enough between two friends, but can often lead to compromising situations.According to the new poll, 45 percent of Americans have either trusted someone with — or been entrusted with — a password.Of course, all this should be taken with a rather hefty grain of salt considering that Dashlane has significant skin in the game when it comes to cybersecurity.

All the same, maintaining robust cybersecurity practices is never a bad thing, so you might want to change your password from your birthday or your middle name sooner rather than later.It’s not just sex that people are willing to give up in favor of cybersecurity.

Several month later, Christian Café sent me ten free days to try to get me to come back. Christian Café kept stalking me, luring me in with ten free days, then five. A 45-year old Indian physics professor named Sanjee wanted to fast track me.… continue reading »

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