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22-Sep-2017 17:38

But if we see any genes that may play a role in marital satisfaction, then we can help young people who are looking to enter into a relationship avoid the people who, based on research, may limit their satisfaction over time,” says Gonzalez, adding that DNA samples collected by the company are destroyed after testing to protect privacy.

Instant Chemistry has partnered with online dating sites such as Singld that use DNA and specific personality traits to find matches.

In addition to the overall score, we received 87% on our genetic compatibility, 100% on emotional compatibility (who knew? “Both you and your partner carry a copy of long and short serotonin genes [which is why two bands are visible in the second and third columns in the image above],” says Gonzalez.

“That’s a good thing because couples who both have the short copy of the gene tend to do poorly in marriage over time; couples who carry either two copies of the long version of the gene or one copy of each do better than those with two short copies.” What does this mean?

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(B) Diluted and undiluted samples of an enrichment culture of in milk and hazelnut spread were subjected to the mechanical and thermal lysis protocols.Most couples get a score between 60-80%; he and his wife, Dr.

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