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01-Apr-2018 22:06

David Tennant has varied relationships with a formidable vary of leading ladies—from Sophia Myles to kiley Minogue and last, Peter Davison’s daughter, Georgia Moffett—and on- and off-screen relationship with co-star Billie Pipe.

Anne-Marie pudding and David Tennant met in 1999, once they acted within the play 'Vassa' along.

David Tennant, the actor best notable for his role on the TV series ‘Doctor’, has reportedly become the most recent celebrity to be victim to a leaked nude photos scandal.

Extraordinarily personal and private pictures from his transportable denoted on many celebrity gossip websites.

It had been "love at first sight” for David, who told a Scottish enquirer that he had fallen for her as soon as he saw her act, and was awed by her talent and integrity.

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there was a point in time when they were both not seeing someone. i was just wondering i have been checking it out on the internet. After like 5 minutes I came back all sweaty and thirsty. ' I thought while me and David sat a booth next to the window and chatted for what seemed liked hours but I wasn't bored, not even for a millisecond.

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