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This dramatically improves agility and assures that an organization can meet or exceed DR objectives with existing internal resources.

Similar reductions can be attained for Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) as well.

Then a second generation of tools emerged that were virtualization platform agnostic, yet incurred high costs and risks for environments with physical servers in the mix.

Both generations, however, fell short when it came to automating cloud deployment (for migration or disaster recovery) for environments with physical workloads.

Read the Entire Report One thing that is clear from the results is that when it comes to disaster recovery most firms have ignored best practices in favor of a patchwork of compromises that ultimately mean more work for IT departments at a higher expense and risk for business continuity exposure for most organizations.

Why would highly-trained IT pros accept costly compromise that create work and increase risks and expense?

We completed a survey of 343 IT execs responsible for disaster recovery (DR) more than a year ago, and the findings weren't encouraging.

With recent widespread outages announced by some of the world's most popular brands, the results are more relevant than ever. The leading causes of the gaps: 1) limited internal resources; and 2) process complexity.

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The variety of heads and bodies allow you to re-create numerous cavalry types, as well as allowing you to personalise your army and make each unit unique.That is probably why one CIO recently called secondary data centers a terrible waste. When asked about how frequently they tested their DR environment, more than half of the respondents indicated that they tested less than once a year; even worse, a third said that they tested infrequently or never.Given the accelerating rate of change in most app environments, quarterly testing is seen as an acceptable practice for most applications.Some cavalry units used their modern tactics but others stuck to their traditional methods, such as the Duke of Marlborough's cavalry, they were ordered to charge headlong with swords drawn to maximise the shock of impact.

Within this boxed set you will find all the parts necessary to recreate many of the cavalry squadrons that fought for Louis XIV.For most firms, it is management by checkbox and denial, which leads to a complex and hard to maintain process.

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