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It's unwise to bankroll your career on a credit card, hoping for a big break."Joshua Raphael Margulies: From Savings to Self-Sufficiency Joshua Raphael Margulies has already adventured around the world.

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, he was raised in Bali, Indonesia, and Hawaii, where he did production-assistant and extra work on such shows as Lost.

"Our participants were unique in that they carried little to no debt on the books, which is highly uncommon," says Bellomo.

"This will be a contributing factor for many readers and should be held as a strong priority when making financial decisions.

That's probably two meals out that he has at home with friends."Bellomo and Colley note that while it was a savvy move to relocate to Los Angeles with savings, Margulies may need to consider other ways of bringing in income if he wants to stay afloat.

"It's great that he has this chunk now, and I'd hate to see it go all the way to zero before he gets a job," says Colley.

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For my last blog post I figured I would switch it up a little bit. Sometimes space is just what the person needs to calm down. A pair of financial experts—Bryan Bellomo, head coach at the financial education organization Abundance Bound (, and David R.Colley, a financial advisor at Waddell & Reed ( offered advice on how these ambitious thespians can best attain their financial goals."One thing is, 'I pack up and go home in a year.' Another is, 'I'm out here for five years, I make life a little bit easier on myself because I have a little bit of money coming in every month.

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In the interim, I'm building the career that I want from a place of stability and confidence.' "Margulies says he hopes to start drawing up a budget each month so that as he brings in more income from acting, he can add back to his nest egg."I tend to look at a quarter more—tracking it over three months.