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01-Jul-2017 10:58

All sarcasm aside, I’m sure it would still make your heart jump just a little if you got your first 143 from that special match on a dating site.

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Yes, it’s an American expression but it worked fine in Beverly Hills 90210 (if you were born in the 80s), Gilmore Girls (if you were born in the 90s) or Gossip Girl (if you were born in the 00s). If both of you swipe right on each other’s Tinder profiles it’s a match and you can start hooking up! it might also be that you’ve found your Tinderella. So now that we’ve explained tindering and swiping, it seems almost unnecessary to go into Tinderella. ok, maybe isn’t exactly out-of-this-world-amazing, but still pretty good, you feel like you like this person a lot, (s)he doesn’t perhaps seem as keen as you to take the relationship further but as (s)he hasn’t given you any indication to the contrary, you’re just thinking that perhaps (s)he needs a little more time and a little more encouragement. Slowly the communication starts to cease, gradually you’re getting less and less replies to your emails or text messages. That’s what the Slow Fade means – you have slowly been faded out. At least you sort of understand it as I am sure you have met up with someone, decided that person is not for you after all and then called it quits. Another form of online dating, which never really leaves the realms of the virtual world.These amazingly good-looking young people “hooked up”, went to the movies, made out in the drive-ins and plotted their revenges if need be. One thing that Tinder has – allegedly – brought along is the rise of the “hookup culture”. It’s just all about casual sex outside of commitment or any romantic relationship. But don’t assume for a second that Netflix and chill actually involves watching a movie and cuddling on a sofa. In the US it’s also been called Ghosting or Swayzeing – coming from the 90s movie “Ghost” starring Patrick Swayze (why on earth they call it that we have no idea – the guy died on Demi Moore, he didn’t just pull a disappearing act! Especially common when the online daters live far apart from each other, but it could also happen to people living on the same street!In the modern world of Tinder it’s actually just another euphemism for hooking up. You have this amazing relationship with your special someone, full of texts and sexts (another new-ish word! but it’s all on your screen (mobile or computer, doesn’t really matter). We’ve been telling our readers for a long time how important it is not to have just one fuzzy selfie or that old group photo of you and your drunken colleagues as your profile pic. Having hundreds of photos of you showing off your cleavage/six pack/tattooed backside is not.OK, this seemed almost too obvious to be included in this list – yet, as it’s one of the most used words of 2015 we couldn’t just pass it by, even though it almost feels like explaining what “googling” is. What dating is NOT about though is just stringing people along for the thrill of the chase.

But just on the off chance you’ve been living in a cave on a deserted island with no internet access, Tinder is an online dating app, which has taken the world of internet dating by storm and changed the landscape completely. Let us come to that with our next word on the list. That’s what they call catch and release and this is how it works: someone will start talking to you online, paying you compliments, slowly urging his or her way under your skin…I ship those two." Definition: An acronym for "Facebook official." This is when you change your relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship" with the person you are seeing.

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