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Bronze figures ordered by the king were kept in the palace.The empire flourished until 1897, when the palace was sacked by the English in reprisal for an ambush that had cost the British vice-consul his life.The art of bronze casting was introduced around the year 1280.The kingdom reached its maximum size and artistic splendor in the 15th and 16th century.These lost favor because in times of strife the large church candlesticks with prickets became formidable weapons, so the socket was mandated.

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Using the bells and rattle stuffs to call the ancestor’s spirit, the oba offered sacrifices to him and to the earth on the altar.

The numerous commemorative brass heads, free-standing figures and groups, plaques in relief, bells and rattle-staffs, small expressive masks and plaquettes worn on the belt as emblem of offices; chests in the shape of palaces, animals, cult stands, jewelry, etc.