Dating a girl 3 years younger

20-Mar-2018 06:41

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Here, younger boys usually don't date with girls older then me, I would rather not date someone younger.maybe it's the level of maturity (as mentioned above), I know it varies, it's just that my preference is someone older. if that someone is younger and the feelings are there, why not.

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Most younger guys jsut haven't been through enough to truly 'get' what love really is and how to really treat a woman.I haven't dated a girl that was younger than me since I was 18 with a 17-year-old girlfriend. After I broke up the girl who was 17 (although by the time I broke up with her, she was also 18), I began looking at older women.By 18, I began looking for girls that were in the age range of 18-25.It would be not-so-accepted for a 16 year old to be dating a 13 year old (though 14 is slightly better, and 15 is likely alright). 1-3 years is "pocket change" to to speak, and should be one of the last things on your mind.

The important part is a connection - emotionally and physically. But to be serious yah as she said, she don't feel the masculine thing that she looks into the guy in terms of physical appearance.

When I was 19, I began looking at the range of 19-25. I want a girl in her 20's that is at least 21 because I want a girl who can go to bars and drink legally.

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