Allocating updatings

16-Feb-2018 16:15

You are exactly right -- to do what you want, we need another column (effort or actual duration).But having which ones are which depending on what is selected in the Project Settings will be a pain to keep straight.If %Allocation (resource management) is active, then there should be an Actual Duration column and Plan Duration = Actual Duration * %Allocation.Dave Dave F, This would require more effort on the PM's part.I agree with the previous posters - I would expect duration to be calculated based on percent availability.Ideally, I'd like to be able to have a column for estimated effort in person-days, and then have duration calculated from that and % available. Is there any kind of workaround to allow duration to be calculated, instead of just a difference between dates?

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) purpose in identifying overbooking, it is a 'bug' in my project management book.I feel like I'm micromanaging if I force the task to be a certain two days during March or April. Craig It would be great if Smartsheet would change the End Date based on a less than 100% allocation.And again, since it won't impact critical path, I really don't care when it is done. The resource tells the project manager that a task will take 3 days. If the resource is allocated only 50% to that task, then Smartsheet should shift the End Date out to accomodate the Duration that was declared.There are so many variables here that the designers have to make decisions.

We may not like them, but they hopefully provide a shallower learning curve than MS Project or other PM software.Anyway I use the following formulas in each column (assume row 1): Work hours: Duration1 * 8 * [% Allocation]1 Work Hours Complete: [work hours]1 * [% complete]1 Work hours remaining: [work hours]1 - [work hours complete]1 I typically know the expected duration and budgeted effort so I set the duration then adjust the % allocation until the work hours (effort) matches my budgeted effort. I'd really like to a task that has a start date based on a start date (row 5) and a finish date (row 25) -- that task is less than 8 hours in duration and can / must be done anytime in the duration between row 5 end and row 25 start neither of which are predecessors to the row in question. For a specific example, I have a task that can't be started until training is given in February.

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